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Another link with a great musical past was severed on January 25th 2008 with the death of Evelyn Barbirolli, a day after her 97th birthday. Born Evelyn Rothwell she established a reputation as an outstanding oboist before marrying Sir John Barbirolli in 1939, the couple are seen in my header photo. She continued her career after her marriage using her maiden name and was a champion of contemporary music. She played in the first performance of Bohuslav Martinů's Oboe Concerto and had works composed for her by Elizabeth Maconchy, Edmund Rubbra, Arnold Cooke, Arthur Benjamin and Gordon Jacob, and Sir John arranged concertos for her arranged concertos for her from music by Corelli and Pergolesi.

My header photo is from a facinating article on MV Daily. There is a full Guardian obituary here, read more about Glorious John in New York here.
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Anonymous said…
Isn't it Rothwell or did she change?

Beautiful clip here, JB and ER in Haydn:
Pliable said…
David, of course you are right, my error entirely. Now changed.

Thanks for the link, the YouTube riches are endless.
Daði, Iceland said…
First performance in the UK. Jiri performed it first in Sydney.

Daði in iceland

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