Berlin parties as Europe expands

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate is the place to be on New Year's Eve as a huge party gets underway to welcome Bulgaria and Romania to the EU. The headline act is the Scissor Sisters, with the two new member states supplying support in the form of Bulgarian rock singer Roberta and Romanian band Sistem, and more than one million visitors are expected to attend. The Brandenburg Gate has been the scene of a number of famous free concerts including Leonard Bernstein’s Beethoven Ninth in 1989, see the photo above. If you can’t be in Berlin tomorrow night the next best thing is to join in the fun online via this link.

* Now playing - Michael Tippett's suite from his opera New Year. Not exactly party music, the opera is set on New Year's Eve in Terror Town where the principal characters face up to life in a violent, blighted society with the help of friendly space voyagers. There is only one recording, Richard Hickox presides over the fun with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

For more on eastern European music read how Composers struggle under Shostakovich regime
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Pliable said…
A reader has written in to say Fred Frith ( electric guitar), , now prof composition at Mills College / Oakland and Evelyn Glennie often perform as a duo ( improvising) , see :
Garth Trinkl said…
Happy New Years from Kyiv, pliable!

Here is a link to the concept for Eastern Europe's newest cultural-musical center, including a new philharmonic and music center, next to Kyiv's UNESCO World Heritage- listed 1,000 year old Historic-Cultural District and active Near and Farther Caves Christian Orthodox Monasteries:
Pliable said…
Great to hear from you Garth, and I am delighted that you are keeping our multi-cultural theme going.

Which is more than can be said for BBC Radio 3. Their contribution to multi-culturalism and the expanded Europe on New Year's Eve is .... a re-broadcast of the 2006 Last Night of the Proms.

Fool Britannia.

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