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The two 800 pound gorillas of embedded music marketing couple in public as BBC Radio 3 presenter Donald Macleod not only graces the Sinfini Music website but also endorses Sinfini Music on Twitter. As I wrote recently, if you are an embedded journalist you are in clover, but if you don't toe the party line you wither and die in the un-marketed wilderness. That is how embedded marketing is reshaping classical music.

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Anonymous said…
You my friend should probably see the new classical site the PR suits are chatting about now:

That website has been making the news rounds lately even more so than

I feel its another shameful attempt of marketing puff as art news. I'm curious to know what your opinion is of the site and who could be backing it.
Pliable said…
Thanks for that matthewhopus. Indeed a promotional from Alto Riot did arrive recently. With gush like "a unique online portal geared toward expanding the genre to a wider, mainstream audience. will provide viewers with a robust, entertaining online experience unlike any of the current offerings in the classical music media with features, reviews, and artist highlights centered around the growing interests of today's music listener" I almost deleted it immediately. But I in the interests of impartiality clicked on the link, looked at the site, and then deleted.

No idea who is backing it. But as with Sinfini Music, a fool and his money is easily parted.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your insight in return. I fear greatly that the new trend will be for sites as to be sprucing up as fool's gold.

I did take a look into the site myself. Clearly the website looks to have an equal financial backing compared to just by looking at the job section.

Personally, I feel the site dumbs down classical music. Nothing insightful and if anything the "mainstream audience" will be turned off by classical music after seeing this rubbish

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