From Britten’s Children to Elgar’s Earnings

Book publisher’s new title lists are a far more accurate reflection of the classical music zeitgeist than social media chatter. Notable titles in Boydell & Brewer’s 2013 list include Richard Wagner’s Women by Eva Rieger, and Elgar’s Earnings by John Drysdale. The latter title is particularly topical as it “investigates whether Elgar's complaints about a lack of money can be justified by the facts”. In a truly accurate reflection of the musical zeitgeist the book’s blurb tells us that author John Drysdale is a musicologist and former investement banker, and that its retail price is $90/£50.

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Philip Amos said…
People for whom the English title of Eva Rieger's work brings to mind Jane Glover's Mozart's Women and a light musical read over Christmas will be disappointed and, I devoutly hope, a touch upset with Boydell and Brewer. Rieger is a distinguished academic musicologist, and the German title of her book translates along the lines of 'Ever-radiant Love, Death Laughing: Richard Wagner's Image of the Woman in his Music'. A publisher that turns that into 'Wagner's Women' is thinking more about money than Drysdale did when he was an investment banker.
Pliable said…
Perhaps the title of Eva Rieger's book is a victim of our sound bite culture?
Philip Amos said…
Possibly so, Bob, and your suggestion sent my mind to a tangential question: Is it possible to have a sound-bite culture in German? I rather think not.

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