Rare photo of Carl Nielsen discovered

From BBC Radio 3 website. More on the cult of the presenter here.

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Pliable said…
This sketch on YouTube sums up the new and accessible BBC Radio 3 very neatly -

Philip Amos said…
Oh, ye Gods. This comes also within the ambit of the sense of history, the look of it, the feel of it, the smell of it, the apprehension and comprehension of it. I've said elsewhere that the failure any longer to teach history and teach it well is a catastrophe (back in the news last week) and my thoughts on it are not just the bletherings of an ageing history professor. Here we have an example of the preponderant ignorance and dismissal of history, and beyond a doubt there are now people wandering around thinking that's what Nielsen (whose concertos I was listening to on the weekend by chance) looked like.

Here we have an example of the failure to show visually whence came our music and how the whole of it came to be. A small matter, of course, for young people now go out into the world almost nescient about how the world as we know it came to be and how they themselves might find a place in it, for they were never properly taught such in the years of their 'schooling'. I'm an ex-pat retired historian who sometimes dreams of the A-Levels of yore (my yore). I kid you not that one september three decades ago, I started the first tutorial of a first-year European history course
by asking someone, anyone, to tell me what they knew about Hitler and Nazism. Nothing - not one could tell me anything at all.

I hope no one is asking what the hell that photo has got to do with history, for it has everything to do with it, including the fact that there are now people thinking Nielsen looked like an avuncular, bearded Scot with a shirt and photographer way ahead of their time.
Pliable said…
On a related point, further "improvements" to the BBC Radio 3 schedule, in particular changes to the breakfast programme, have caused considerable controversy recently.

The description "Radio 2.5" has achieved widespread currency in connection with this and other changes. When I read that description while travelling last week I had a feeling that it originated On An Overgrown Path some years ago. My feeling has been confirmed by a poster on the independent BBC Radio 3 forum -


Here is my 2006 post, which was somewhat ahead of its time -

Pliable said…
Do I have the doubtful honour of providing the Daily Mail with a headline?

Philip Amos said…
I do believe you do have that dodgy honour, Bob. One might say it puts you in dubious company, but so does everything these days, up to and including getting a knighthood, musical ones not excepted.
Pliable said…
Philip, musical ones most definitely not excepted -


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