So that has sorted classical music's problems

December 10, 2009, For Immediate Release - The Boston Symphony Orchestra announces long term agreement with Boston Culinary Group and Gourmet Caterers. Cultural institution names exclusive food operator at Symphony Hall and Tanglewood.

Boston, MA - The Boston Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce that two Boston-based companies, Boston Culinary Group and Gourmet Caterers, are partnering together to serve as the exclusive food service company for the BSO’s two performance venues, Symphony Hall and Tanglewood, beginning in May 2010 with the start of the Boston Pops spring season ...

BSO Managing Director Mark Volpe comments, “We are thrilled to be able to work with Boston Culinary Group and Gourmet Caterers. Both have great reputations and expertise, which will ensure that the dining experience at Symphony Hall and Tanglewood is on par with what patrons have come to expect from their concert experience. The quality of the food and beverage service has become an integral component towards enhancing the overall customer perception, and this new contract will allow us to excel in this area.”
So how well do you chew?
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John said…
More noteworthy, surely, is the sponsorship of silence at the English National Opera by Sela-Cough lozenges, which are available free at the bars.
Pliable said…
Nice one John. But shouldn't it be Fisherman's Friends for performances of Peter Grimes?

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