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Thank you for this interesting article. I was particularly happy to see the news of Osel Hita Torres and can add a few more details. I understand from another Tibetan Buddhist lama incarnation by the name of Gomo Tulku, now 20 years old (he was born, BTW, at 8 minutes past 8 on the 8th of the 8th, 1988!), that Osel (who prefers to be called simply "Oz") completed a 3-year course in cinematography at the University of Madrid last year, and being best friends the two of them hope to embark on careers as hip-hop megastars, promoting the Buddha's message on a vast scale through this medium in the language of young people nowadays.

Gomo Tulku who said at the time that he fancied using the soubriquet "El Gomo" (it was last April when he had just arrived in France from Spain where he had met Osel and made these plans, and was publicly announcing all that I have written here before a large audience) appears on Facebook where he has already posted a hip-hop number. (The photo above of Gomo Tulku is taken from Facebook - Pliable). It might be that Osel will be working with him on production, promotion and content.

Let us hope that they are wonderfully successful in this project. Osel is apparently incredibly creative, intelligent and unconventional (just like his previous incarnation, Lama Thubten Yeshe, founder of FPMT) and his visit to Aptos in 2007 mentioned in the article followed his attendance of The Burning Man festival in Arizona, an avante-garde film, multi media and "happening" festival that originally began on the beach at San Francisco.

Sean Jones
Jamyang Los Masos Study Group

Update 30 August 2009 - latest news on Osel Hita Torres

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