On a skewed path

Lots of debate on the other side of the Atlantic as to whether An Overgrown Path is skewed. I think the answer is fairly obvious.
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Pliable said…
The comments on that Sounds & Fury piece are just so funny.

It doesn't seem to have occured to anyone that the reason I embed links to other OAOP posts is to add value, and that I couldn't give a stuff where my blog appears in primacy tables.

Hyperlinks are the point of the internet guys.

"the refreshingly unselflinking Alex Ross"

Oh please, I'm starting a blog on rabbit breeding.
Henry Holland said…
I *love* your links to past Paths, Pliable, so much good stuff there, like the stuff about Boulez recently.

Oh please, I'm starting a blog on rabbit breeding.


Yikes, my fellow Yanks. I've noticed that Americans in general have an amazing ability to leech every last bit of fun and interest out of things by turning them in to surrogate sporting contests, marketing opportunities or, more commonly, putting a dreary Puritanical gloss on them.
Chris Foley said…
Pliable, your self-linking adds value and relevancy to your blog--keep it up.
Henry Holland said…
"the refreshingly unselflinking Alex Ross"

That's surely a joke, because if you took away Mr. Ross' links to his New Yorker articles, TRIN would be pretty thin gruel at times.
Pliable said…
Let's park this one before it gets too heavy.

The Sounds & Fury ranking is a useful, but debatable, guide to the ranking of classical music blogs for those that need one.

But it may be worth considering that the apparent popularity of OAOP is due to the fact that readers actually like both the content and the embedded links, rather than being achieved by some cunning and arcane mathematical manipulation.

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