In the mists

Calligraphy by Yazi Sanatcisi

Techno trivia time. The home of On An Overgrown Path is now
. No need to change anything, visitors to the old domain name are automatically redirected.

Now playing - Leoš Janáček In The Mists played by Leif Ove Andsnes. It's on the same CD as On The Overgrown Path. But if you are thinking of starting a blog you are out of luck, is taken.

Calligraphy from one of my Istanbul articles.
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Unknown said…
Congratulations on the new domain name!

Just wondering though, why drop the article "the" from "the overgrown path"?
Pliable said…
Joshua, a perceptive question.

Janacek's piano masterpiece is, of course, titled On THE Overgrown Path.

When I created the blog I called it On AN Overgrown Path, implying that it was inspired by, but not about, Janacek's music.

That was probably a mistake, as there has subsequently been quite a bit of confusion as to whether the blog is An or THE Overgrown Path, or just plain Overgrown Path!

So I decided to choose the short domian name that avoided all the confusion -

But so often the reader is wiser than the author. Your email has made me think. I've just bought as well. And when the bits and bytes have rattled around the DNS servers (which takes a few days) typing in will take you to the blog as well.
Anonymous said…
Typing in just does not work, which seems a bit odd to me ...

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