Classical musicians of color

Email just received ~ I am very impressed by the scholarly character of your post on Rudolph Dunbar (left). As you may know, a link to the post was published in the June edition of the Myrtle Hart Society Newsletter, devoted to composers and musicians of color.

Since 2000 I have had a website which is now called
It is an introductory resource which presents the lives and music of 52 composers, conductors and instrumentalists of African descent. Several are from the U.K. I focus on updating the website, especially the pages on Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, which I have just finished revising to include the findings of Joseph de Saint-George, le Chevalier Noir by Pierre Bardin. It is the sixth biography I have read on him.

Although my site is closed to additional profiles, I receive information on many classical composers and musicians of color from visitors. I share it with my principal advisor, Dr. Dominique-René de Lerma. He is Professor of Music at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin and is the former Director of the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College, Chicago.

His research appears on nearly every page of
You may be interested that my contact in London has taken a professional interest is Maxine Franklin, the Jamaican pianist.

It seems to me you may be interested in the Black History aspect of some of my profiles, particularly that of Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges. His role in saving the French Republic from "The Treason of Dumouriez" should be part of any study of 18th century European History, in my opinion.

Best wishes, Bill Zick, Webmaster,,
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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