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A very useful piece of research by Scott Spielberg over on Musical Perceptions which I reblog below with thanks:

Inspired by John Scalzi's list of the top 51 SF/F personal blogs, I decided to compile a list of the top 51 classical music blogs. I decided not to count aggregators like Jeff Harrington's New Music reBlog or BlogNoggle, and used rather arbitrary lines on whether a blog wrote enough about classical music to count. I did not include any blogs that have been defunct since the beginning of 2006. I note that being a professional writer does not guarantee a high ranking, nor does the musical output of the blogger. I have decided to stick with 51, to continue a tradition that will befuddle e-archaeologists in centuries to come. The technorati ranking is listed, and a designation of Academic Musicologist or Theorist (A), Composer (C), Critic (Crit), Operablog(O), Listener (L), or the instrument of the author. It is amazing how many opera blogs there are, justifying their own category. Please let me know if I missed any blogs that have a higher ranking than 285,000.

The Rest is Noise: 6,577 Alex Ross (Crit)
Sequenza21: 23,260 Jerry Bowles (C)
On an Overgrown Path: 25,137 Bob Shingleton (producer)
Ionarts: 27,639 Charles T. Downey (A)
PostClassic: 31,123 Kyle Gann (C)
Sandow: 36,793 Greg Sandow (Crit)
Sounds and Fury: 44,607 AC Douglas (L)
La Cieca: 45,144 James Jorden (O)
The Rambler: 50,718 Tim Rutherford-Johnson (A)
Adaptistration: 54,276 Drew McManus (orchestra management)
Night after Night: 56,128 Steve Smith (Crit)
Think Denk: 57,134 Jeremy Denk (piano)
Jessica Duchen: 57,134 (Crit)
Aworks: 58,196 Robert Gable (L)
Oboeinsight: 59,315 Patty Mitchell (oboe)
Terminaldegree: 60,452 (kazoo)
Musical Perceptions: 78,160 Me (A)
The Well-Tempered Blog: 80,219 Bart Collins (piano)
Red Black Window: 84,277 Roger Bourland
The Concert: 86,494 Anne-Carolyn Bird (voice)
For the long tail of the Top 51 blogs
follow this link

Thanks for that Scott, and staying with the theme of research on blogs technology analysts Gartner have predicted in a report published today that blogging will peak in 2007 with around 100 million blogs online. Gartner explains that this is because most people who would ever start a web blog would have already done so. The research says that Technorati, used by Scott above, is tracking more than 57 million blogs, of which it believes around 55% are "active" and updated at least every three months. If an "active" blog is updated at least every three months I guess that makes Alex, Jerry and me hyperactive.

Now read how Blogging is doing it for our time
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