BBC launches podcasts and downloads

Breaking technology news - all BBC radio stations including BBC Radio 3 are launching a trial of podcasts and downloads of selected programmes. The BBC's 'listen again' service is often recommended here, and it is now being supplemented by a service which allows MP3 files of programmes to be downloaded or received via podcast distribution. The terms of use are for seven days and non-commercial.

'Discovering Music' is one of the first programmes in the trial, and here is a list of forthcoming broadcasts available for download:

1 April Schubert's Unfinished Symphony
22 April Bruckner's Motets
13 May Haydn's Symphony No 60 'Il Distrato'
3 June Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique
17 June Haydn / Telemann Trumpet Concertos
1 July Schubert's 5th Symphony

The BBC is keeping a surprisingly low profile with this trial. But follow
this link for more details and to start downloading.

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