Mass haiku

Too many words, too many words..... an editor once told me. And I know what he means.

Haikus fascinate me with their brevity, and disciplined 5/7/5 three line, two part, construction. So as it's Sunday I thought I would write a haiku about Leonard Bernstein's Mass as a literary alternative to mangling something from the Bach 48 on the piano. I'm going down this overgrown path with considerable trepidation as I know there are some talented librettists and composers among my readers. But hey, you can only improve on this modest effort can't you?

Mass was Lenny's way
of doing radical chic -
just a Simple Song

Please add your Mass haikus in particular, or musical haikus in general using the comments feature at the bottom of this post. I'll try to put a post together sometime with the results if it grabs people.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow morning with too many words, too many words........

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Anonymous said…
Nice thread.

Not my own work, but thanks to
Ashley Frieze for this one which seems kind of appropriate about Mass.....

My admiration
makes my own feeble efforts
seem barely worthwhile
Anonymous said…
This little gem was dreamed up in about 45 seconds in response to your post:

it's said for pictures
and is it true for music?
mightier than words
Pliable said…
I was about to comment that if anonymous could write that previous haiku in 45 seconds shouldn't he be working on his Mass? But then I remembered he already published some pretty fine sacred choral pieces a few hundred years back.

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