Our terrible time makes the choices clear for us

'You want a philosophy that says, "Man will get better. Man will change his world. There is hope." That philosophy would be a lie. This world is illusion. But within this world and within man there are great powers - powers of love, of healing, of clarity, than can lead man to liberation. The worse the time, the more we should look for those powers within ourselves, the more deeply we should strive to obtain them and live them , for our own sake and the sake of others. Our terrible time makes the choices clear for us. We will not be able to pretend that we can go on living without taking thought for our salvation and that of others. We will have to invoke the deepest strengths of our spirit to survive at all'. 

That is Buddhist monk Nawang Tsering quoted in Andrew Harvey's A Journey in Ladakh. Jonathan Harvey's Other Presences is a work for solo trumpet and live electronics written by Jonathan Harvey for  Markus Stockhausen. It is inspired by ritual Tibetan ceremonies, with Stockhausen's written and improvised trumpet parts looped and harmonised in real time. On the album seven other composers contribute a personal 'remix' of the original recording, among them a notable contribution from Jonathan's daughter Anna Harvey. More on Jonathan Harvey via this link.


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