That 'normal' classical concerts are dying is clear

Lukas Fierz knows a thing or two about classical music, and he has added this thought-provoking comment to my post Are concert halls half-empty or half-full?

That the "normal" classical concerts (recitals, sonata evenings, orthodox orchestral concerts) are a dying routine is clear since the end of last century. 
No diet plan, no protests nor petitions will prevent further slow death from starving. 
Priority should rather be to resuscitate the dying routine with the novelty, relevance, interest, adventure and thrill that attracts public and fills halls. Some try and even manage to do this. And only those will survive. 

Ambient Church is a concert series where weird meets mindfulness: it presents meditative, devotional, and minimal music in churches around Brooklyn. Featured album by ambient electronic composer Steve Roach was recorded live at the Church of the Heavenly Rest, NYC in June 2022. Defending the status quo is not the answer. Classical music needs to bring on the adventurous and thrilling, the weird and the mindful to reach new audiences


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