Classical activist heal thyself

Puzzling to see the great and good classical activists flocking on to Twitter to celebrate International Women's Day this week. I quote from the Amnesty International report seen above: 

"... for many women Twitter is a platform where violence and abuse against them flourishes, often with little accountability. As a company, Twitter is failing in its responsibility to respect women’s rights online by inadequately investigating and responding to reports of violence and abuse in a transparent manner. The violence and abuse many women experience on Twitter has a detrimental effect on their right to express themselves equally, freely and without fear. Instead of strengthening women’s voices, the violence and abuse many women experience on the platform leads women to self-censor what they post, limit their interactions, and even drives women off Twitter completely."

And if that is not bad enough, the report was written before Elon Musk relaxed controls on Twitter content and let Andrew Tate and other notorious misogynists back on the platform. By posting content on Twitter classical activists are actively supporting an organisation that Amnesty International reports " failing in its responsibility to respect women’s rights online".


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