Why is the classical music industry anti-vax?

Norman Lebrecht's Slipped Disc receives the unequivocal support of the classical music industry in the form of advertising, exclusive news and interviews, advertorial partnerships, and complimentary concert tickets and CDs. Yet Slipped Disc repeatedly publishes unmoderated misinformation about Covid vaccines - see just two examples above and below. Therefore the classical music industry is supporting potentially deadly anti-vax misinformation. (Follow this link for more on Dr. Luc Montagnier's alleged warning.)

It pains me to hold Facebook up as an exemplar. But even that tainted social network banned misinformation about vaccines months ago: as the Guardian reported in February, Facebook "will remove posts with false claims and groups with repeated violations will be shut down". This is not about free speech. It is, like libel laws, about stopping irreversible damage by misinformation

Slipped Disc, supported by the classical industry, regularly demonises Wilhelm Furtw√§ngler, Herbert von Karajan and other great musicians of the past for making morally flawed political judgements to further their own interests. Yet Slipped Disc and the classical music industry have made a morally flawed judgement about peddling Covid misinformation to further their own interests. As I've said before, classical music's biggest problem is that no one cares anymore.


Pliable said…
What I also find disturbing is the number of 'thumbs up' versus 'thumbs down' on those two comments. If that is the way classical music is going, it is time for me to move on.
Walter said…
It's disappointing to learn that the twisted thinkers have wormed their way into the classical music world. I'll never understand how intelligent people (giving them the benefit of the doubt) will swallow whatever unverified nonsense comes their way.
Pliable said…
And now Norman Lebrecht uploads a reader comment telling his claimed 23 million readers that "I hope someday people will realize that masks don’t work".

Is the classical music industry really proud of funding this lethal misinformation? - https://www.thelancet.com/journals/landig/article/PIIS2589-7500(21)00003-0/fulltext

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