All of course normal married men...

Ruth Gipps is currently having her fifteen minutes of social media fame. So I thought it worth reprising a quote from her that first appeared On An Overgrown Path back in 2011 when today's Instagram influencers were busy heralding Gustavo Dudamel as the future of classical music.
...the only ever time I ever heard [Sir Arthur] Bliss really angry was when he was talking about Bill [William Alwyn], who at that time had not yet received a single performance at Aldeburgh in spite of living so near. I have been told that Britten was personally responsible for having the careers of possible rivals ruined if he could; those who suffered from his jealousy (all of course normal married men) included Walton, Finzi, Howells, Berkeley and a number of other genuine composers. With his works framed in nothing but avant-garde Britten was able to shine - and went to his death a millionaire, complaining that he didn't get enough performances.
That quote comes from The Innumerable Dance, the Life and Work of William Alwyn by Adrian Wright (ISBN 978184383412) and my article which was titled 'Music and malice in Britten's shadow' can be read via this link.

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