If this is moderation, heaven help us

Interviewer - Is it just me, or are the commenters on Slipped Disc particularly nasty?

Norman Lebrecht - You know, we moderate. So the really nasty ones don’t get in.
From an interview with Norman Lebrecht. So there you have it Universal Music and the rest of the classical industry. Those comments were moderated and approved for publication on Slipped Disc - i.e. judged as not being "really nasty" - by Norman Lebrecht. What a truly appalling price to pay for your fifteen minutes of fame on Slipped Disc.

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Pliable said…
LOL - in his brag piece about the interview Lebrecht claims:

"Slipped Disc does not support the far right, alt right, new right, or any other kind of right, except human rights."
The Claret Man said…
There's a place to debate issues of religion and ethics. There are many discussions to be had about the nature of religion, why good people do evil things in the name of religion, whether ISIS / Islamic fanatics are following the Koran or using it as an excuse for their actions. There should be free and open debate about these issues. And proper, nuanced debate, rather than just shouting "Christianity/ Islam/ Buddhism/whatever is bad" and without petty point scoring.

But what is their relevance in a classical music blog like Slipped Disc? When I visit Lebrecht's site I want to see who is the new conductor of the Symphony, what has gone wrong at Bayreuth, find out about a piano competition where the head judge's pupils won all the prizes or get a bit of warped pleasure by reading about a stinker of a review. It shouldn't be a place for people with a bee in their bonnet about religion or politics go to impose their monomania on others. It's just bad manners.

There must be places where people can express such opinions, but it's just not appropriate on a music blog. Please moderate more Mr Lebrecht.

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