Friday, June 29, 2018

If this is moderation, heaven help us

Interviewer - Is it just me, or are the commenters on Slipped Disc particularly nasty?

Norman Lebrecht - You know, we moderate. So the really nasty ones don’t get in.
From an interview with Norman Lebrecht. So there you have it Universal Music and the rest of the classical industry. Those comments were moderated and approved for publication on Slipped Disc - i.e. judged as not being "really nasty" - by Norman Lebrecht. What a truly appalling price to pay for your fifteen minutes of fame on Slipped Disc.

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Pliable said...

LOL - in his brag piece about the interview Lebrecht claims:

"Slipped Disc does not support the far right, alt right, new right, or any other kind of right, except human rights."