Proof there is life after Facebook

Drawing attention to that link may be hubris, but it is hubris with a message. My post How we killed the art of long-form thinking was launched into virtual space without the booster rocket of social media. Despite this it was linked on the Financial Times' Alphaville daily news and commentary service for financial professionals. That service significantly is - as the pint-sized Overgrown Path has now become - an email newsletter and blog. Which resonates with my recent post about the rise of curated music newsletters. One swallow does not make a spring, but it is good to see that every bird in the sky is not twittering. An interview with tech guru and social media hawk Jaron Lanier in the Sunday Times lurks, like an increasing amount of worthwhile content, behind a paywall. But the headline 'Ten reasons why you should delete your social media accounts' says it all. The article explains that Lainier's advice is blissfully straightforward: 'If we are all "well-trained dogs" in this grand social media manipulation, as he suggests, then "your immediate goal is to be a cat". He's serious, Lanier is...a cat person... Unlike dogs, which can be trained, cats exist in our world, but are impervious to instruction or control. Lanier writes "Your immediate goal is to be a cat"'. Cats have nine lives, and in fourteen years of blogging the feline-influenced On An Overgrown Path has now used two of its lives and survived. Read about its first near-death experience in Is there life after The Huffington Post?

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Unknown said…
Here’s two Jaron Lanier links not behind a paywall

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