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I, speaking on behalf of the majority of peace loving Muslims am horrified by such evil acts done in the name of the One whose most important name and attribute is Al Rahman, the Most Merciful. For those who claim to follow the prophet who according to the Quran was sent as a mercy to the whole universe:
You are a disgrace to Islam and a disgrace to humanity and have marred this sacred month of Ramadan, the month of charity, generosity and self-restraint in which if anyone insults us, we can only respond saying, I´m sorry I´m fasting. and cannot argue or engage in any aggressive act.

The merciful will receive mercy from the All-Merciful,
So, have mercy to those on earth that the One in heaven may have mercy on you!
A saying of the prophet Muhammad, (peace and blessings be upon him and all his brothers among the prophets)
That message was posted by classically-trained violinist turned Sufi musician Ali Keeler on Facebook today. Photo of the interior of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco was taken by me earlier this year.


Pliable said…
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Philip Amos said…
I fine statement from Ali, and no surprise that he would write these words. I have noticed how other such sentiments from Muslims have been studiously ignored by those determined to cling to the position that the religion of Islam is to blame, and thus too all Muslims. Theirs is a psychological defect, of course: They must have people to hate, others on whom to dump all their own woes and failures and fears. It is so very reminiscent of the Nazis in Germany -- or the neo-Nazis recently rallying in Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere. I recall the Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Billy, urging George W. to bomb the entire Middle East with nuclear weapons. I leave it others to decide if that is worse than the London Bridge attack and the like. Were the teachings of Jesus to blame for his words? Does Graham follow those teachings? Must all Christians share the responsibility for his monstrous demand? Obviously he doesn't follow those teachings. And the Muslim terrorists do not distort the meaning of 'Jihad' in the Koran -- they completely ignore it. One has only to look at the one and only verse that mentions it (IX:20) and at a scholarly parsing of it. But then, of course, the terrorists are not, in truth, 'fighting' for Islam any more than the IRA was fighting for Catholicism. The agendas of both are quite other.

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