Walls are being built everywhere

Much righteous indignation elsewhere about Trump's wall. But walls are being built everywhere. For instance, as seen above, a clique of classical music luminaries has built a wall that blocks me from viewing their Twitter feeds. Presumably this is because of my unfortunate habit of trying to assimilate their tweets. But as a very light Twitter user I am logged out of the app most of the time, and blocking only works when logged in. So despite their petulance I still have almost unlimited access to the blocked accounts. What a strange world we live in...

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Pliable said…
A big hat tip to – now please don't fall off your chairs – Norman Lebrecht who has not blocked me on Twitter despite a decade of online sparing. And Hugh Canning is another of the great and good who still allows me access to his tonsorial tweets.
Philip Amos said…
I should consider those blocks badges of honour, Bob. Lebrecht has blocked me from his blog -- he blocks quite a few. That's like getting a K. And after I was threatened with suspension from commenting on the Guardian because of my criticism of another wee error from Tom Service (he wrote that Wagner's Valkyries zoomed around killing warriors), I went around preening for a week.
Pliable said…
Philip, in fairness to Norman Lebrecht, as per my first comment he has not blocked me on his Twitter account. What I find particularly amusing is that today Jessica Duchen has re-tweeted a plea from the Index of Censorship for freedom of speech - https://twitter.com/IndexCensor.../status/824898490866167808
Pliable said…
This tweet from Jeremy Pound, the assistant editor of BBC Music Magazine, and the follow-on comments shows the price one pays for declining to join the UK classical music bloggers' mutual admiration society - https://twitter.com/JeremyPound71/status/826114445277614080
Pliable said…
"The filter bubble isn’t just Facebook’s fault – it’s yours...... because they often want to avoid conflict, people ignore or block posts, or even unfriending people, when confronted with views with which they strongly disagree.

Andrew Morris said…
Well you're free to enjoy my twitter witterings, you lucky man.
Pliable said…
Andrew, yes indeed and thank you for that. And also thank you for taking the time to read a blog which more often than not diverges from received wisdom. It is a shame that others are not as open-minded as you.

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