After the high energy music this snail needed a drink

post last year described how Crete is a place of primal energy due to its proximity to the fault line between the European and African tectonic plates. A few weeks ago I was at a concert by the Ross Daly Quartet on Crete and the energy was certainly flowing then. In fact when the ubiquitous raki was passed round by the musicians after the concert, the snail seen in my photo was energised to sample this Cretan version of firewater. Energy lines shaping music should not be dismissed as hocus-pocus. Music is vibrations, and vibrations are energy. Sufi master musician Hazrat Inayat Khan's teachings on the centrality of energy and vibrations have influenced generations of musicians from Scriabin, who met Inayat Khan in Moscow in 1913, to Stockhausen, whose Atmen gibt das Leben has its genesis in a text by Inayat Khan.

There can be little doubt that energy lines run through musically auspicious locations such as Bayreuth, Tanglewood and Aldeburgh, and Alexander Scriabin intended his uncompleted magnum opus Mysterium to be performed in the foothills of the Himalayas where primal energy abounds. And why is believing that music is subliminally moulded by energy lines any more ridiculous than believing that music is moulded by the number of Facebook 'likes' or what the musicians wear? Brilliance and craziness often go together. So don't dismiss Rama-Dr Frederic Lenz's theory that:
Did you know that there are specific energy lines running through the earth that open up to artistic and musical dimensions? If a composer or an artist lives and works in a place that has those types of lines running through it, then it will be much easier for him to create great works of art or music. If the same composer or artist lived and worked in a place without those lines, his work would be much harder, and he probably wouldn't create much great art at all.
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