Much ado about nothing in Berlin

Am I the only person in the whole world who is not interested in which overpaid and over-hyped celebrity maestro will replace another overpaid and over-hyped celebrity maestro in Berlin three years hence? My photo was taken in Sidi Ifni, Morocco. For these jam session the audience is rewarded, but the musicians are not.

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Pliable said…
John Mclaughlin Williams has shared this post on Facebook and commented: "Personally, I am disinterested to the point of inertia. It is unseemly of arts media to report and portray their process in a way that is much in keeping with the procedurals of trite and trivial throwaway American tv shows like The Bachelor, or Dancing with the Stars. With the knowledge of how top podiums are controlled and traded by big managements, it's difficult to see how anyone can spare valuable attention upon such theatre. I'm glad we still have Pliable to point out the pointlessness of all this.
Philip Amos said…
You are not alone, Bob. I find the whole thing ludicrous, and it can seem all the more so when you read the posts of Lebrecht and Service on the issue. I must train myself such that, as I scan AllTop, I resist the temptation to see what new idiocy has issued from those quarters. But John has encompassed the matter perfectly, the nail bashed right on the noggin. I second every word of his comment.

I'll take this opportunity to wish you well on your coming travels. May you be safe and your experiences rewarding in the highest degree.

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