So who deserves more credit than the musicians?

It's a New Year but plus ça change at the BBC; however, over on the independent Radio 3 forum there is confirmation of what On An Overgrown Path has been saying for years. Any constructive discussion on the Radio 3 forum and elsewhere of the cultural genocide within the BBC is conveniently inhibited by the elitist connotations of the epithet 'dumbing down'. G.I. Gurdjieff coined the term 'involution' to denote the destructive turning inward that is the opposite of consciousness expanding evolution. BBC Radio 3, and also BBC Four TV which provides the header graphic, are textbook examples of the destructive power of involution. Instead of daring to be different, the BBC is obsessed with beating the commercial stations - and Classic FM in particular - at the ratings game. In mountain biking it is well known that if a rider stares at a rock in the middle of the trail as they approach it, he/she will ride straight into it. BBC Radio 3 has been staring at Classic FM for years and as a result has ridden straight into it. Petroc Trelawny is just one of the presenters recruited from the commercial station by Radio 3 network controller Roger Wright in his frantic and futile pursuit of involution. It is a sign of just how bad things now are at Radio 3 that one of the few presenters with more sense than talk has started a reverse migration to Classic FM. I nearly choked on my Christmas pudding when fellow blogger Jessica Duchen awarded Roger Wright a notional lifetime achievement award. Personally, I would give him an award for something very different.

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