Are they being relentlessly fashion driven, or what?

David has left a new comment on your post "What do music industry awards achieve?":

The RPS shortlists seem bizarre to me - above all nominating the LSO for, what, playing stooge to Rowan Atkinson at the Olympics launch instead of lobbying (or getting Rattle to lobby) to show what they can do? And I couldn't believe the opera productions shortlist: I'm all for new opera, but that's all there is. Are they being relentlessly fashion driven, or what?
In fairness it should be pointed out that the LSO nomination for an RPS Award was not for their appearance with Simon Rattle and Rowan Atkinson seen above. It was for when François-Xavier Roth conducted 80 LSO 'On track' young musicians, also at the opening ceremony. But, despite that confusion, David Nice still makes several good points. More on the music at the 2012 Olympics here.

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David said…
Bob: I gulped and checked - the 'Chariots of Fire' spoof with Atkinson WAS at the Opening Ceremony, but I must have missed the bit with Roth, which is obviously a worthwhile thing. But STILL the LSO didn't get to show the wider world what it can do.
Pliable said…
"But STILL the LSO didn't get to show the wider world what it can do" - David, I totally agree, which is why - plus your observation about the opera award - I ran this as a post.

Have now amended my erroneous reference to the LSO playing at the closing ceremony.

Perhaps you and me are the only two people in the world who did not watch the entire opening and closing ceremony!
David said…
Thanks, Bob. I switched off the closing ceremony after ten messy minutes.

Re the Festival in the Desert, which had become debased by the hordes of wealthy young tourists of a certain sort who descended upon it, I had heard from my dear friend Sophie Sarin - who still runs a mud hotel ini Djenne - that there were plans to mount an alternative in Segou. But I must check with her what became of that - there are still dangers even in southern Mali.

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