Talking of dumbing-down...

And there is a lot more that is Sinfini unbelievable.

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Pliable said…
Rob Collis comments via Facebook -

Not particularly a fan Norman Lebrecht, who parades his particular tastes as objectivity, or so it seems to me - but I might agree with him on his attack on DG. I've sung under Karl Jenkins at a ghastly do at the Albert Hall (yes it was sold out!), and he was miserable, band-masterish with his stick and gave the impression of being totally disinterested in everything and everyone. And as for his music - it struck me as almost puerile. DG presumably think they can make money..
Pliable said…
Very fair comment Rob, but I also have a particular problem with journalists self-righteously biting the hand that feeds them -
Pliable said…
Rob Collis responds via Facebook:

Yes, 'self-righteous' is EXACTLY the phrase that describes so many of Mr Lebrecht's pronouncements. So funny that he confused Bruch and Bloch.

Dave MacD said…
I'm with Rob. Not a fan of Lebrecht, generally. However, he's right that DG (or anybody who claims to care about music) should be ashamed to be promoting hackneyed music like Jenkins's.
Pliable said…
Quite so Dave, and I do not disagree with these views on Karl Jenkins' music.

In retrospect I think the cartoon format confused my message, which is simply that Lebrecht is happy to play along with the Max Hole/Universal/Sinfini school of dumbing-down when it suits him - he had an "exclusive" on the Max Hole presentation and did not rebut it - but is also happy to play along with the anti-dumbing-down lobby when that suits him.

As the link in this post shows at least Lebrecht is consistently inconsistent.

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