Classical music has a new fashion

Demonstrating solidarity with the proletariat by gently nibbling the hand that feeds you is the new fashion among classical music's demimonde. Which means that in the New Statesman BBC Radio 3 website contributor Andrew Mellor rails against the advertisements for private schools in the BBC Proms programmes that help pay the spectacular salaries of BBC Radio 3 contributors. Others prefer to get high on the music. Today's audio contribution to our colour of music thread comes from reader Jihong Park, and in it his teacher Judith Burganger plays Rachmaninov's Second Piano Concerto conducted by Dean Dixon. More on this path in another reader led post - 'Dean Dixon - I owe him a huge debt'.

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Pliable said…
Andrew Mellor tweets - "@overgrownpath Good to get a link on your fine blog but should point out last time I contributed to BBCR3 was as a chorister 18 years ago".

Which leaves me confused. Are all these reviews on the BBCR3 website by a different Andrew Mellor?
Pliable said…
Andrew Mellor explains via Facebook that he did write the reviews. He received payment for them Unique Interactive, an independent production company retained by BBC Online.

One of those reviews currently appears on the BBC Radio 3 website -

Outsourcing is a common practice at the BBC. It is also worth pointing out that Unique Interactive is a fully paid up member of the commercial-intermediary complex -
Pliable said…
If an intermediary pays you, who are you working for? The intermediary or the end user of your work?

I would say the latter. But to make things completely clear I have modified the wording to reflect Andrew's explanation, and have noted that modification in a version change note.

None of which makes the slightest difference to the overall message of my post.

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