Help needed to clear an overgrown path

Compiling On An Overgrown Path involves delving into the darker recesses of the web. Recently malware has become a problem and my main computer was offline for some time while the inhouse tech team (aka son) removed a particularly pesky example. McAfee is installed but seems to offer little protection against malware. Malwarebytes trial version is currently being tested and appears to be more effective, giving warnings such as the one seen above . My McAfee subscription is due for renewal shortly, reports and recommendations from readers on anti-virus/malware software would be welcome. No risk incidentally to readers as Blogger acts as a firewall between you and me.

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Robin said…
Assuming you are Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentials works well, has a small footprint in terms of computer resources and is free. I use it on a number of computers, desk and more mobile machines and it is unobtrusively efficient.

In a couple of years using it I have only been alerted a couple of times to harmful possibilities. Of course I do not have the visibility that you do so your mileage may vary.

Pliable said…
A C Douglas emails - A free subscription to McAfee came pre-loaded on my new Dell laptop last year. I deleted it completely from my machine within a month, and replaced it with a new subscription to Norton Internet Security, an application I've subscribed to for the past 10 years or so. During that time and to the present day, no viruses, no malware, no nothin' evil — ever. NIS eats 'em for lunch. And the user interface is a joy to work with.

Download NIS here:|kw0000331543|10566877396&country=US
Philip Amos said…
A nasty problem, Bob. What I can say, and this as a technotwit, is that my tech man, an outspoken independent operator whose clients seem to encompass most of the local populace, was pleased with me when I told him what I now have in the way of security:

Panda Cloud Antivirus
Windows Advanced Systemcare5

All these are free, but you can also opt for the paid pro versions.
My needs are simpler than some, and these do a fine job for me.

I would not be without the Systemcare 5!! I run the quickcare daily and the deepcare every two weeks. I will add the caveat to read the instructions re the registry fixer carefully and not to use the 'boost' -- they explain why you may not want to. It comes from IObit, and you can download from there or CNet. The first two can also be downloaded from CNet. Beware of sites that offer to downloads of the free versions for a price. A common and crafty practice.

Good luck.

Antoine Leboyer said…
Maybe this is time to move to a Mac ...

Keith said…
Normal use: As Robin suggested Microsoft Security Essentials is good and fiddle free.

Medium paranoia: As above plus Firefox web browser with NoScript plug in. Fiddly but cuts many risks.

High paranoia sessions: Following Antoine's idea of a non-windows operating system but without having to buy new hardware: boot from a Linux Live CD-Rom (e.g. Ubuntu) and then save data either by e-mailing it to yourself via gmail (virus checking) or by saving to a 'quarantined' USB stick and scanning later, unless you are simply posting back here where the Blogger malware checks will work.

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