Unfortunately there are no complimentary tickets

A couple of quotes that caught my eye. First a nomination for pseuds' corner from the ECM website's listing for Tim Berne's newly released Snakeoil:
Tim’s tough alto is heard with Oscar Noriega’s earthy clarinets, Mat Mitchell’s cryptic piano, and Ches Smith’s tone-conscious drums, tympani, gongs and congas.
Secondly a contribution to the recent overturning established intermediaries thread. It comes from director Gia Forakis' promotional email about her multi-media opera Song from the Uproar: the Lives and Deaths of Isabelle Eberhardt:
Unfortunately, there are no complimentary industry tickets for this production. However, student discounts and discounts for groups of ten or more are available.
No need to apologise Gia, remember it was Isabelle Eberhardt who wrote - "We are, all of us, poor wretches, and those who prefer not to understand this are even worse off than the rest of us".

Header and footer images are from the newly released Artwork in Progress from French independent label No Format. This is a CD/book that explores the label's innovative artwork and also challenges the assiduously cultivated myth that ECM is the only game in town when it comes to graphic values. Sadly it seems Artwork in Progress is available exclusively from FNAC stores in France, which is where I bought it, but the sampler CD can be downloaded for a bargain £3.99.

While on this path a non-earthy, non-cryptic, non-tone-conscious heads up for two albums from No Format artists who also appear on the sampler. Set Luna from Senegalese-French chanteuse Julia Sarr and Spanish-French guitarist Patrice Larose, video here, and Swansongs from Mark Anthony Thompson, alias Chocolate Genius Inc, video here, are both worth investigating; but please note some of the lyrics on the latter album are definitely adult advisory. More on No Format's healthy dislike for established intermediaries in Music they will like tomorrow.

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