Rail trip music

'What you do defines you: what you become determines how you see the world and yourself: how that world and self appears determines how you act. To reject the process, to think of getting off the road, is just another road, another becoming, another birth. Knowing there's no person on the road, that is Awakening.'
Those are the words of Ajahn Sucitto, a Buddhist monk of the Thai forest tradition, and they come from Rude Awakenings, Two Englishmen on Foot to Buddhism's Holy Land. This was one of several rewarding books I read on the 1000 mile rail trip from the North Sea to the Mediterranean which I have just returned from and which supplies the accompanying photos with a nod to Jan Jedlička. Rail trip music is Michael Nyman's MGV (Musique à Grande Vitesse - High Speed Music) which was commissioned for the 1993 inauguration of the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) Paris-Lille link. Experimental Music - Cage and Beyond by Michael Nyman featured in Words on twentieth-century music.

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Pliable said…
Environmentally aware readers will be gratified to learn that my two and a half week trip using train and bus and went without a hitch. Sadly the same cannot be said for yesterday's late night return plane journey from Marseille to London Stansted.

My Ryanair flight was 65 minutes late with no apology or explanation offered. When I disembarked from the Boeing 737 at Stansted at midnight together with fellow weary travellers we were all locked between two security doors in the terminal building for half an hour due to a BAA technical failure and again no apology was offered.

Instead of allocating another £41 million for fireworks at the Olympics opening ceremony David Cameron should spend the money on mending Britain's broken transport system. That way this country will not look quite as stupid as it did last night to the many foreign travellers who missed the last train to London due to the fiasco at Stansted.

Gavin Plumley said…
European train travel... nothing beats it.

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