Who was the composer?

An awful lot of visitors are arriving today on my article about Anna Meredith's children's opera Tarantula in Petrol Blue, see production photo above. They are all coming from searches for 'Who composed The Young Person's Guide to the Opera?', because that happens to be the title of my post but sadly not of Anna's opera. The profile of the traffic is that normally associated with a crossword clue. So please can one of my many erudite readers put the googlers out of their agony - who was the composer of 'The Young Person's Guide to the Opera'? Or is there a crossword compiler somewhere who hasn't got a clue? My post about Anna Meredith's opera, which was premiered at Snape in 2009, is here.

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Philip Amos said…
I should think it possible that somewhat fuzzily they have in mind something along the lines of Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, but what they really want is his operatic counterpart to that work, Let's Make an Opera.
Philip Amos said…
I may have to retract that first comment. It seems that Evan Bushman, a somewhat prodigious composition student at Michigan State U, composed a work entitled 'The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra: Catalogue of Divas'. This is apparently his 'Opus 93', so I'd say he's turning stuff out at a good rate of knots. His 'Symphony No. 6' constituted his master's thesis, which I think he did at Florida. There's quite a lot of bit and pieces on Youtube -- you only need to type in his name -- including what I think is a clip from a rehearsal by students at MSU of the Young Person's Guide.

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