BBC Radio 3 - whose hand on the balance control?

And talking of the power of the media. How can a gigantic media corporation in which one man controls...

1. The biggest classical music festival in the world which receives a public subsidy of £62,000 per concert.
2. Five leading orchestras and a choir.
3. A year round programme of live concerts and music events.
4. Artist bookings and payments for all the above.
5. A substantial collateral promotional support programme including extensive TV coverage and social media activity.
6. A powerful young artist development programme that also co-produces commercial recordings.
7. A media partnership with a prestigous industry award scheme.
8. The largest new music commissioning budget in the world which awards more than £350,000 to composers annually.
9. Access to exclusive state of the art MP3 download and stream on demand technologies.
10. An online classical music presence that is part of a website ranked in the fifty most visited internet destinations worldwide.
11. Commissioning contributions from influential journalists.
12. Links to a co-branded print magazine with a monthly readership of more than 200,000.
13. A classical radio station described as "the envy of the world" with more than 2 million national listeners plus global reach via the internet and satellite
14. A guaranteed annual classical music budget of £50 million. a good thing?

Just give me the facts - hard data on may of the BBC's activities is hard to come by, particularly as all their broadcast activities are quite scandalously exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. All data in this and linked posts has been obtained as a result of my own research. Should any of this data be inaccurate I will be happy to correct it with information from official sources. Report broken links, missing images and errors to - overgrownpath at hotmail dot co dot uk Also on Facebook and Twitter.


JMW said…
One can only stare agog,muttering "Wow".
daland said…
Never heard of Silvio Berlusconi?

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