Surrealism through the keyhole

'The days of the great journeys, like those taken across the Sahara with Paul Bowles, had passed, but Brion Gysin began to travel more frequently, to Amsterdam, Tangier briefly, and later to Cadaqués where he saw Salvador Dalí, who was consumed with his forthcoming induction to the Académie Française and was planning to embroider the green habit and solder a likeness of the head of Gala onto the sword which he planned to wear at the ceremony.'
In 1979 performance artist Brion Gysin visited Salvador Dalí at his home in Portlligat near Cadaqués in Spanish Catalonia. Dalí lived and worked in his house in Portlligat from 1930 until his wife and muse Gala died in 1982 - photo 8 shows the conjugal bedroom. A limited number of visitors are admitted into the Dalí House-Museum and I took all the accompanying photos there a few weeks ago. Quotation is from Nothing is True but Everything is Permitted - The Life of Brion Gysin by John Geiger and surrealism meets music in the stories of Brion Gysin and the Master Musicians of Jajouka and of Salvador Dalí's lost opera.

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What terrific photos. Thanks.

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