Well, music next by Rachmaninov...

'Man's happiness is to move higher, to develop his highest faculties, to gain knowledge of the higher and highest things and, if possible, to 'see God'. If he moves lower, develops only his lower faculties, which he shares with the animals, then he makes himself deeply unhappy, even to the point of despair' - from E.F. Schumacher's 1972 A Guide for the Perplexed.
'A little while ago I mentioned Christine in Devon who emailed wondering whether plants enjoy listening to music. She certainly has evidence of it as her radio is often tuned to Radio 3, she has some tomato plants and the nearest ones to the radio are doing the best. And you are not alone Christine, Carol has just texted in to say "I always have Radio 3 playing throughout the house and was known as the plant doctor who took friends ailing plants for a break and returned them healed - yes, they liked music". And Jack texted in to say cows give more milk if listening to music. Well, music next by Rachmaninov...' - BBC Radio 3 presenter Sara Mohr-Pietsch at 9.18am March 30, 2011.
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Pliable said…
A propos BBC Radio 3 a reader has pointed out that the playlist for March 27 contains this information:

Violin Concerto: II. Scherzo
Ruth Palmer (violin)
QUARTZ QTZ2045 - Track 2
NB. Chi-chi - unfortunately the CD is unavailable so I've sent a copy - no liner notes but I've scripted for you

rchrd said…
We leave the radio on for our two parrots while we're not home. Not to Radio3, but the local San Francisco equivalent of top forty classical music, KDFC. They start laughing (if parrots laugh) when the announcers come on with their inane chatter. I once heard them (announcer, not parrot) say: "That Mozart! What a great guy!". However, I've found that their (the parrots') favorite musician is Ornette Coleman. Something about the sound of his music makes them very happy and talkative. And, you won't ever find that on KDFC.

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