That's the way God planned it

Another much needed move towards equality in classical music comes with the appointment of African-American Thomas Wilkins (above) to the post of Youth and Family Concerts Conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. A few nights back we saw Genius Within: The Inner life of Glenn Gould, aka 'the Foss family movie'. Glenn Gould's "we could be looking at thousands of dollars" radio documentary about Petula Clark gets a mention in the movie but her groundbreaking pressing the flesh with Harry Belafonte on prime time American TV in 1968 does not, so here is the link.

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Ninox said…
This post immediately brought to mind Dean Dixon, a marvellous conductor who was musical director of the Sydney Symphony in the sixties. When I looked at the Wikipedia to check the dates (1964 - 1967 ), I found that the major source of the wiki article was... On An Overgrown Path.
Pliable said…
Dean Dixon -

also Rudolph Dunbar -
Scott said…
Not to forget James DePreist.

Interesting trivia - he's the nephew of Marian Anderson.
JMW said…
Thanks for recognizing Wilkins' achievement!

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