Found in transcription

A recent mention of Dmitry Sitkovetsky's transcription of the Goldberg Variations leads us down the path of unusual takes on Bach. Jennifer Micallef and Nigerian born Glen Inanga, seen above, are the pianists on Hyperion's recording of Robin Holloway's endlessly entertaining thirty new variations known as the Gilded Goldbergs after J.S. Bach. Staying with the keyboard, György Kurtág's Bach transcriptions interleaved with his own piano miniatures Játékok on ECM are not to be missed. Finally from miniature to muscular Bach. Pascal Vigneron uses organ, brass and woodwind to realise Jacques Chailley's Gnostic re-ordering of the Art of Fugue which sequences the fugues using a digitally correct binary progression. My 2006 post about what was then a new release generated a lot of interest in the double CD which is seen below and the article is well worth reading for its background on this little known but very rewarding example of 'found in transcription'.

An earlier version of this post had a link pointing to the biography of a different Jennifer Miccaleg. My apologies and here is the correct link. All CDs were purchased at retail. Report broken links, missing images and errors to - overgrownpath at hotmail dot co dot ukAlso on Facebook and Twitter.


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