A powerful reminder of what we have lost

When Grammy winner John McLaughlin Williams recommends music it is worth listening. So I was intrigued to see John recommending on Facebook Paul Constantinescu's Byzantine oratorio 'The Nativity' which he describes as a "beautiful, mystical work". This is not a work or composer I know and my search could find no current recording in the catalogue. But the piecemeal excerpts on YouTube, see above, suggest 'The Nativity' is a strong candidate for re-release or re-recording. At this time of the year sacred music from the Orthodox tradition is a powerful reminder of the mystery that our consumer culture has leached out of the nativity. More Eastern Orthodox music here.

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I found one copy,at amazon us for 79 dollars! I know it is Romanian, and pretty hard to find...sometimes beauty is
Pliable said…
TWD, yes, I had the same problem.

I probably should not share this, but within hours of uploading the post a kind reader (not JMcW) offered to rip a copy from his Olympia discs.

As I said, a re-release opportunity for someone.
Pliable said…
Talking of the nativity and re-releases can I also add a plea for Naive to make available again their recording of Pau Casals' El Pessebre (The Crib)?

Pliable said…
Christmas 2013 - this post is attracting readers via a Facebook post.

Unfortunately the YouTube sample has been removed and I cannot trace an alternative. Any links from readers to legal audio samples - not pirate downloads of the entire Olympia CD - would be appreciated.

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