A legacy that impoverished classical music

In a belated Slipped Disc tribute to Peter Andry the record company executive and producer is quite rightly described by Norman Lebrecht as "part of a golden generation of gifted Australians who enriched British life and world culture."

Herbert von Karajan's many great recordings for EMI, which included Salome and Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, are probably Peter Andry's greatest contribution to world culture. Or as Norman Lebrecht described them in the Independent in April 2008 - "The clapped-out legacy of Karajan that impoverished classical music".

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Pliable said…
Nice tribute to Peter Andry in Music Week, which is the UK music industry bible - http://www.musicweek.com/story.asp?sectioncode=1&storycode=1043634&c=1
Peter Young said…
well Mr Lebrecht isn't so keen on Australians in British arts administration - in 2007 he said of them "Currently here mob-handed and mostly for the wrong reasons. Their country needs them more than we ever will. The message to these misfits is: Aussies, go home."
Pliable said…
Thanks Panda, it was 2005 in fact - http://www.scena.org/columns/lebrecht/050706-NL-aussies.html
Peter Young said…
thanks Pliable - my mistake as I was citing from a 2007 report in the Sydney Morning Herald. Mr L had the courage to visit Sydney then and of course we Australians have long memories when it comes to these sorts of remarks!
Michael said…
I think it's telling that Lebrecht reveals his own xenophobic tendencies while calling Karajan "Hitler's poster boy [who] offered nothing to art".

Nice and catchy. Never mind that Karajan, whose opportunism during the NS era is undisputed, was actually disliked by Hitler. Never mind that Karajan, as controversial as many of his contributions to the performance and recording of music may be, has contributed infinitely more to the art than Lebrecht.
аффтор said…
Gents, does anybody here need norman-lebrechtian advices to distinguish real art from feces? Karajan's heritage lies and will live long forward, while Norman Lebrecht will be forgotten soon after his death or maybe during his lifetime.

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