Been there, done that ...

Now try it with candles.

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P. M. Doolan said…
Cool looking T-shirt.
Pliable said…
Yes, even though I say it myself it is better than the usual boring old stuff -

I'm now working on Maurice Ohana, Edmund Rubbra, Valentin Silvestrov and Malcolm Arnold designs.
Pliable said…
It is interesting to note that the conductor of the concert reviewed by ConcertoNet, 25 year old Diego Matheuz, is signed to the Askonas Holt management agency.

As are the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Simon Rattle ... need I go on?

Askonas Holt also jump-started Gustvo Dudamel's career, but he recently defected to Van Walsum Management whose website says:

“Artist management at Van Walsum goes beyond the ‘booking agent’ of the past decades to encompass total career planning, including the co-ordination of an artist’s audio and audiovisual recordings, broadcasts and the handling of digital rights as an essential part of the management process”.
Pliable said…
Email received from BT in Brussels:

Recently I discovered the polish – russian composer Weinberg.

Friend of Shostakovich.

I went to a concert of the Danel Quartet, quator Danel ( BRU/ Be). They played Ligeti.

However they recorded Weinberg. The string quartets.

See : , new release.

Who is Mieczyslaw Weinberg ?

Have a look at Wiki. In EN :

And Naxos released his string quartets as well.
Pliable said…
Oh dear ... orders are starting to arrive from around the world for that Shostakovich T shirt.

Many apologies. It was one of my poorly nuanced jokes (a day early?) which rudely ignored the fact that English is not the native language of many readers. Apologies for any embarassment caused, the misleading text has now been removed.

T shirt companies wanting to license the design can contact me at overgrown path dot ....

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