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I know it is a long time since this post appeared - I have only just discovered it when checking the exact date on the internet of when my father died. It was lovely to read what you said about him (Maurice Miles).
Maurice Miles was the first principal conductor of the Ulster Orchestra when it was founded in 1966. He championed the music of Arnold Bax, and Arthur Butterworth and conducted the first performance of Gerald Finzi's Dies Natalis in 1940. That touching email arrived today from his septuagenarian daughter Ms. Ann Somerset Miles who is herself a prolific blogger. Read my 2007 tribute to her father Maurice Miles here.

The quick montage of Maurice Miles against the background of Leith Hill, Dorking was created by me and is (c) On An Overgrown Path. Report broken links, missing images and errors to - overgrownpath at hotmail dot co dot uk


Anonymous said…
I cannot believe that you have so kindly added my comment to your blog. And the Leith Hill photo-montage is intriguing - 'Daddy' looking so much younger than he was when he actually lived within the Surrey hills. I could tell you so much more of our family life in Leeds (Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra) and back in London when he taught at the Royal Academy of Music. I recently - last week - saw many of the letters he wrote to my daughter (his grand-daughter) when she was studying music. They reveal him as a very human person and I can see once more his life-long fragility, the life of an ordinary person behind the conductor's baton; of which somehow I was always aware, even as a very young child.
Anonymous said…
P.S. If you look at my post of last week on you will see a family photograph (which includes my father) not long after I was born.

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