Reich on Reich

“If you looked at the tax returns of every composer in America, somewhere between 90 and 95% would be at universities. And I’m not looking down on those – it’s merely the job that’s most open to you. But people say you teach during the day and you’re free at so-and-so, but there’s a certain energy that goes into teaching people, it seems to me…and if you don’t give them that energy, then you’re immoral. And if you do give them that energy, then you’re wiped out. Because there’s only so much energy anyone has.
From Steve Reich talking at the Red Bull Music Academy. With thanks to Future Radio Station Manager Tom Buckham for the heads-up. As well as being the boss Tom spins the discs in the station's electronica, downbeat, electro and electronic music programme. That interview links nicely to my recent Contemporary music at the Reich price post.

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Pliable said…
As Alex Ross has just pointed out to me, the FactMag article changes the name of the Stockhausen 1955/6 work from Gesang der Junglinge (Song of Youths) to the much more evocative Gesang der Junglicke.

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