Something to chew on over Christmas

There is some nice chewy music on Future Radio over Christmas. That is me above putting together My World of Music, a two hour special of music from different cultures and traditions around the world which is being broadcast by Future Radio at 4.00pm UK time on December 26th on a local FM frequency and over the internet. A podcast of the programme will be available a few days after broadcast. Here is the playlist together with links to related articles On An Overgrown Path:

1 - Titi Robin (guitar) and Faiz Ali Faiz (voice), Lage Jiya from Jaadu Magic: Accords Croisés AC130
2 - Jean-Rodolpe Kars (piano), Beloved of the Soul from Musique Juive: Editions de l’Emmanuel CDD0148 5.37
3 - Keyvan Chemirani (Iranian percussion) and Pandit Anindo Chatterjee (tabla), Ma maison se trouve sur le chemin emprunté par mon Coeur from Battements au Coeur de l’Orient (Percussion at the heart of the Orient): Accords Croisés AC121
4 - Driss el Maloumi (oud), Rajery (Madagaskan bamboo tubular zither) and Ballarkeé Sissoko (kora), Anfass from 3MA: Contre Jour CJ0202 6.11
5 - Jutta Carstensen (voice) and Trio Trielen, Ofjn Pripetschik from Yiddish chants and Klezmer music: Ad Vitam AV090415
6 - Ken Zuckerman (sarod) and Prabhu Edouart (tabla), Raga sobre O Gloriosa Domina from Francisco Javier: Alia Vox AVSA9856
7 - Tashi Lhunpo Monks and tantric and monastic orchestras, Ngag-ki-rolyang, Om Mani Padem Hum, Chaksten Choepa from Dawn to Dusk: Tashi Lhunpo Monastery Trust TLM250489

8 - John Coltrane, Spiritual from Coltrane Spiritual: Impulse 589 099-2
9 - Raphael Vuillard clarinet, Khaled Al Jaramani oud and percussion and Mohannad Al Jarami percussion and vocals, Zephir from Bab Assalam: Ad Vitam AV090115
10 - Pandit Debashi Bhattacharya (Indian slide guitar), Aviskaar from Calcutta Chronicles: Riverboat Records TUGCD1049
11 - Ustad Mahwash (voice), Tchi chawad ba tchehra-e-zaard-e-man from Radio Kaboul: Accord Croisés ACC100
12 - Hezy Levy (voice and guitar), Song of the Grasses from Singing Like the Jordan River: Ad Vitam AVOC 050621
13 - Jean-Rodolpe Kars (piano), Allons, exultons et rejouisoons-nous from Musique Juive: Editions de l’Emmanuel CDD0148
14 - Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar, Prashanti from Passages: Private Music 2074

* Listen to a podcast of the programme here.

Before the Christmas police start complaining the music isn't very seasonal I would point out that the title of the last track, which comes from Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar's 1990 album, means Peacefulness in English. More on that album here.

Photo is (c) On An Overgrown Path 2009. Future Radio is licensed by the UK broadcast regulator Ofcom and is party to a broadcast royalty agreement. All CDs mentioned in this article were purchased at retail price. Report broken links, missing images and errors to - overgrownpath at hotmail dot co dot uk


Sounds superb - will look forward to it. Many thanks for this and for some fascinating posts in 2009. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Very best, Michael

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