Recessional music

Mozart Piano Concerto No. 14 in E flat, K.449
Elliott Carter First Diversion
Elliott Carter Riconoscenza
Elliott Carter Enchanted Preludes
Elliott Carter Inner Song
Elliott Carter Second Diversion
Elliott Carter Dialogues
Haydn Symphony No. 83 in G minor (La Poule)
This programme is being given by the Britten Sinfonia with Pierre-Laurent Aimard piano/conductor and Tamara Stefanovich piano in Norwich Nov.6, London Nov. 7 & Cambridge Nov 9. In Norwich I will be giving a pre-concert talk with Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Tamara Stefanovich while Kate Kennedy is giving the Cambridge talk.
Creating a spectacular habitat of sounds...

Curated by audio and visual artist Russell Haswell, who has presented installations for both art gallery and concert hall internationally, this promises to be a pioneering residency that brings spectacular sounds from the natural world to the Hoffmann Building. Chris Watson and Bernie Krause are both electronic music pioneers and leading sound recordists in their fields; whether consciously or not, we have heard their work in recordings for David Attenborough, or for the world's largest collection of recordings of (now destroyed) rain-forest. But there is more to them.

They are bio-acoustic and natural history specialists and, as an electronic musician, Krause is also known for bringing the Moog synthesizer to Europe, and was also a 'synthesist' on Apocalypse Now. Chris Watson was a member of 'Cabaret Voltaire' from 1972-81, and also of 'The Hafler Trio' from 1981-84. With the assistance of Tony Myatt and interference from Russell Haswell, they will present an acoustic habitat in the Hoffmann Building, a fully immersive ambisonic/surround sound event that will astound and amaze!

Curated by Russell Haswell with Bernie Krause, Chris Watson and surround recording and diffusion support from Tony Myatt.
Faster Than Sound: 'LISTEN' is taking place in the Hoffmann Building, Snape, Nov. 7.
Do you chase the crowd?
'I finally said the hell with that whole point of view and decided to write what I really always hoped to write, and what I thought was most important for me. I've taken that point of view ever since ' - Elliott Carter
Or do you have faith the crowd will follow you and ...

The Aldeburgh Music flyer above says it all, and the dying art of listening is a topic I will return to in future posts. Travel faster than sound here.
Header image is based on Elliott Carter - A Centennial Portrait in Letters and Documents published jointly by the Paul Sacher Foundation and Boydell Press. This book is a thing of beauty in every respect.I am receiving two tickets for the Britten Sinfonia concert in return for presenting the pre-concert talk. Tickets for Faster Than Sound - 'LISTEN' will be bought at the box office. A copy of Elliott Carter - A Centennial Portrait in Letters and Documents was supplied by Boydell at my request. Report broken links, missing images and errors to - overgrownpath at hotmail dot co dot uk


Pliable said…
I am fascinated by the reference to ambisonics at the Faster Than Sound 'LISTEN' event. This links to my music and place thread which mentioned the importance of multi-channel sound.

Ambisonics was one of the pioneering multi-channel formats and Nimbus used it to encode their recordings.

Much of the work on ambisonics was carried out by Professor Peter Felgett at my alma mater, Reading University.
Pliable said…
Paul Sacher -

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