I can see for miles and Miles

We Want Miles is at the Cité de la Musique in Paris until Jan. 17, 2010 and we will be there. Miles Davis in France opens up another music and place path. Miles' Joaquín Rodrigo inspired Sketches of Spain album featured in a post last year in which I asked was Rodrigo was out of step with his time musically and politically? Which has a certain topicality as Rodrigo was born on November 22nd, 1901. Staying with Miles but travelling a few thousand miles east takes us to the new album seen below.

Miles from India is a cross-cultural and very electric (in the volts sense) celebration of Miles' music which brings together leading American and Indian musicians under producer Bob Belden. Joe Zawinul's music also features on the album, and the title track is credited to fusion specialist John McLaughlin, who appeared here recently, as composer, guitarist and producer. No matter where you are in the world, you can have a blue moment.

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Pliable said…
Writing this post reminded me that we heard Joe Zawinul with his Syndicate band live in Norwich in 2004, just three years before his untimely death.

The concert was one of the loudest I have ever attended it. It was in the unlikely venue of St. Andrew's Hall, a 15th century former Dominican Friary.

Due to some absurd Health and Safety Regulation the hall is fitted with a sound monitor that illuminates a conspicuous red light when sound pressure levels exceed 'safe' levels.

The red light stayed on throughout Joe Zawinul's set, and nobody took a blind bit of notice of it.
have had the miles from india for some time now.it is another extension of John McLaughlin's journey with miles,or so it seems.excellent...BTW amazon us is offering the entire Miles on columbia,only through them{sigh}70 cds and 1 dvd including the 1970 Isle of wight[that must have been some festival} for around $330 us.Miles later output is NOT nearly as valuable,for me, though he did have some superb later work.that less than 5 bucks a cd,which is not too bad.amazon did the same with Glenn Gould last year,missed that one.dont know if I could come up with 300 bucks for this,though it cetainly would repay with a remarkable listening experience.
Pliable said…
Article on the Miles Davis box -


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