Bus pass music

In November I qualify for a free bus pass and, Insha'Allah, a pension, so here is how we will be celebrating. Dedicated Savall and Sufi watchers will also be interested in another concert in Paris, which will form a yet-to-be-announced Alia Vox combined CD and book release. Blogging will be at a reduced rate for a fair while as I will be in retreat, but not defeated, after Paris. Now take La Route de l'Orient.

All champagne, travel, accomodation and concert tickets in France are being paid for by me, but don't let that deter any Parisian readers who want to buy me a drink. Suggestions for other arts projects worth taking in while we are in Paris at the end of November are welcome. A note on carbon footprints. I have posted quite a few articles about our low budget travels in 2009. The upcoming French trip will bring the total of miles travelled overseas in the year to more than 5000. My return journey by plane in December from Marseille to London will be the only flight I have taken in 2009. All other travel will have been by train, diesel car, ferry boat and bike. 2010 looks more difficult as we are in search of Jimi Hendrix in Africa in March - I am investigating camel hire. Please report errors to - overgrownpath at hotmail dot co dot uk


malcombowie said…
Pliable said…
Thanks for the heads up Malcolm. The Miles exhibition was going to be next weekend's post. But you got there first!

This also caught my eye -


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