Another day - another press release

Dear Bob, I hope you are really well! I work for Valerie Barber PR and we are responsible for the PR of Archive Classics, which launched on 3rd April ( This site was launched by Classics Arts with the aim of making great recordings from the past more accessible to both collectors and to a new generation audience. Broadcaster Stephen Johnson presents a weekly podcast centred around an archive recording, and takes the listener on a journey through this recording in an enjoyable and informative style. The podcast is available for download from the website and the recording itself is available for download by subscribers. Please find attached the press release and if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks and best wishes
Iain Handyside
Account Executive


Iain, thanks for that. I'm interested in running a piece about Archive Classics. To help me understand where Archive Classics are coming from can you explain their position re. copyright?

Are all the podcasts out-of-copyright recordings? Is the Elly Ney podcast produced with HMV's approval? I note the partner labels are mainly small re-issue specialists - what is the relationship with the major labels? Will there be any contemporary material on Archive Classics? If the business model is the use of out-of-copyright material what are the implications for American downloaders where copyright law is different, and what is the Archive Classics view on the proposed EU extension of recorded copyright?

Any other background would be of help. As you probably know I don't 'do press releases', but I'm keen to give Archive Classics some coverage as the subject matter is on message for my readership.

Thanks, Bob


Hi Bob, Many thanks for your patience on this. Below is an answer from Classic Arts:

All the recordings featured in Archive Classics are indeed out of copyright. All our partner labels specialise in restoring recordings that are in the public domain, and they have given us their permission to use their re-masters in our weekly podcasts. What their individual relationships are with the major labels I couldn't say I'm afraid.

With regard to contemporary material in Archive Classics, we will indeed feature some pieces from the 20th century. However, due to the terms of the MCPS/PRS license we have in place, these pieces will feature more occasionally than the main canon of composers from the classical and romantic eras.

With regard to existing copyright laws, naturally we hope that common sense prevails when the EU vote on the proposed extension later this year.

I hope this helps, but do let me know if you need anything else.
Many thanks and best wishes,

Copyright or copywrong?

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Garth Trinkl said…
“With regard to contemporary material in Archive Classics, we will indeed feature some pieces from the 20th century.”

-- Iain Handyside

Here in culturally very conservative Washington, D.C., Sharon Percy Rockefeller's Classical WETA-FM’s marketing arrangement [10% cut] with ArkivMusic LLC is one major reason why the monopoly “public radio” station’s playlist is so commercial, repetitive, and 20th century classical music adverse. [Frederick the Great of Prussia’s music is featured virtually daily.]

There has also been a lot of “official blog" attention and chit-chat here around Washington, D.C. about ArkivMusic’s brand new “life-style magazine on classical music in America” –“Listen”:

[I was left off the promo list. To me, “Listen” is the highly intelligent ‘classical music for laypersons’ introductory book and 6CD set by musicologists and teachers Joseph Kerman and Gary Tomlinson -- both of whom are brilliant and have strong connections to British musicology.]
Pliable said…
Thanks Garth. Just to avoid any confusion, Archive Classics and ArkivMusic, are, as far as I know, unconnected, except by rather similar names.

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