Anniversaries anonymous

Area bombing or a scatter-gun? While BBC Radio 3 uses the former, I prefer the latter. So here is a list of otherwise anonymous anniversaries for the week:

Feb 1 - Ernest Pepping, died 1981
Feb 2 - Palestrina, died 1594
Feb 3 - Luigi Dallipicolla, died 1975
Feb 4 - Iannis Xenakis, died 2001
Feb 5 - John Pritchard, born 1921
Feb 6 - Karl Weigl, born 1882
Feb 7 - Wilhelm Stenhammar, born 1871

Inclusivity is the name of the game.

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Pliable said…
I notice that the ever innovative American Symphony Orchestra are performing two Dallapicolla operas at Lincoln Center on Feb 20 -
Garth Trinkl said…
Great!! I was wondering when someone was going to produce Dallapiccola's 'Volo di notte' (Night Flight)! (I've heard the choral 'Canti di prigionia' in performance; but have never heard or seen 'Il prigioniero' in performance. I'm surprised that there is no DVD of that work available.)

I know that Stanford University and the Manhattan School of Music (NYC) both mounted 'Volo di notte' in the 1960s (the Stanford U. production was the American premiere, in English [1962]), but I can't quickly locate a source for more recent revivals. (American pianist William Kapell was killed in the King’s Mountain trans-Pacific plane crash in 1953, not far from the Stanford U. campus.)

I hope that it is too late to hope that Lorin Maazel, who conducted the premiere of Dallapiccola's 'Ulisse' in Berlin in 1968, might find time to revive the work in Munich, New York City, London, or Virginia (if not now in Valencia, Spain). (It is the Ernest Bour, 1975 French recording of "Ulisse" which is currently available in the catalogue.)

It is probably more likely that George Steel will revive Dallapiccola's 'Ulisse" with the New York City Opera than that Lorin Maazel will lead a revival of the great 20th c. opera, but who knows ...

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