Duende - a journey in search of radio

There have been some thoughtful comments on Old is New from Adam Solomon who is an undergraduate at Yale. I followed the links on his email and found that Adam presents a monthly programme called Flamenco + Arabic Pop on WYBC Yale Radio. I'm listening to the stream of the November 2nd 2008 programme as I write, and one of the family has just come in to ask what the good music is. Student radio has a fairly impressive pedigree in the States. I think I am right in saying that the presenters on WHRB Harvard have included Marion Lignana Rosenberg, Vanessa Lann, John Rockwell, and Alex Ross. Read more on the Harvard classical music orgies here.

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G-# said…
Just for the record, the artists depicted on top of this post are singer Enrique Morente and guitarist José Fernández Torres, best known as 'Tomatito'. They are among the best in the genre and both are noted for collaborations with musicians well beyond the limits of flamenco.

You may find additional information on them and some multimedia samples in their respective web sites:

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