New kids off the blog

I've removed the New kids on the blog listing from the right side-bar. The listing was adding a download overhead to the path. But, more seriously, I was concerned and disappointed at the number of these blogs that were offering no more than CDs for file sharing in breach of copyright law in both the US and UK. I simply do not have time to check each blog for copyright breaching content, and I'm not prepared to promote theft from musicians. Some of the new blogs were worth finding. But, in general, the answer to my question - 'Where are the new blogs? Where are the musical options? Where is the risk-taking?' is 'I'm still looking.'

But then, the BBC does give permission for file sharing.
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Pliable said…
Email received:

Dear Bob,

Many thanks for Your post and the link. For some days the traffic more than doubled, and this showed (if there was any doubt!) how Your blog is trusted by many people like me... But the other important thing is that I can clearly see that in the net does exist a sort of classical music community: this was quite a surprise for me, and a very positive one.

Thank You for all and all the best,

Sergio Bestente
Chris Foley said…
Thanks for the heads-up, Bob. Since your email, I've discovered a huge number of so-called classical music blogs popping up that feature nothing but file-sharing links. To make matters worse, many of them also feature links to established classical music blogs. The writing, if you can call it such, contains nothing but bland descriptions of works. Is this the future of the classical blogosphere? I much prefer the personalities and eccentricities of genuine blogs.

However, I do request that you put up links to new classical music blogs (which you have an amazing ability to find), but take the time to sort through them so we can get to the good ones. Case in point - Fierrabras (see above comment), which is an excellent classical music blog that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

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